Parents and Guardians of Under 8’s and inexperienced skaters under 1.2 metres must be advised of the safety benefits of hiring safety equipment and under 8’s MUST be accompanied by an adult skater (over 16 years old). Under 16's must wear a helmet at all times when in the park.

Don’t snake!

Snaking is when a person jumps ahead of a person waiting their turn to ride/skate a line. It is important when waiting at the top of a ramp/bowl/section that you wait your turn and don’t “Drop in” on them. If too many people are trying to ride the same thing there are going to be accidents so be respectful and wait your turn and keep the park safe. If you “drop in" by mistake show your respect by stopping or moving out of the way of the person who’s turn it is and acknowledge the error.

Using the ramps

Please only use the ramps if you are able to, and know your limits. If you need to start small then stick to the beginners section at the front of the park and leave the bowl and rails until you are ready! Don’t stand on top of the ramp ready to drop in when there is somebody using the park as you will only get in their way and create an obstruction. Stand clear of the metal poles at the tops of ramps which are called “coping” and don’t let anything hang over them.

Long runs

Be respectful here and try not to spend too long on a run as this means people just have to wait for you and it’s unfair. Be aware of the people that are waiting and judge your run accordingly.


Only ride/skate at your ability and don’t try to so something that you are not ready to undertake yet. If you do you will be at serious risk of injuring yourself and/or others. Don’t try to drop into a bowl when you can’t even ride down a flat bank. Take it easy to begin with and take time to learn your trick. That way you will be better at it and not get injured in the process.


Everyone in the park deserves to be there even if they are a complete beginner. Don’t start mocking someone if they can’t do a trick or are not as good as you. Support and encourage each other - that’s what makes the skatepark a unique place to be. Treat others as you expect to be treated and there will be fewer accidents and a much faster learning curve for beginners. Help them out and show them the correct use of the park, don’t just shout at them! Always remember you started somewhere, so encourage and support others to create a positive environment to be in.

Be aware

A skatepark can be a dangerous place to be, so always make sure that you are aware of what is going on in your surroundings and watch out for other users. When crossing the park to get to the different sections make sure that you look both ways and be sure that you are not going to get in the way of someone’s run. Think about where they might be going so you can anticipate their direction and avoid getting in the way or hurt! If you fall off make sure you get out of the way as soon as possible. If you fall off get back up and move out of the way. If you are seriously hurt you need to call for help.

Sitting around

If you are not riding and want to take a break please don’t just sit around the park as you will be getting in someone’s way and will only frustrate them and likely cause an injury. Go to the mezzanine area where there is seating and a great view so you can see everything.

Safety gear

We recommend that all users wear protective gear including helmets, elbow, wrist and knee pads when using the skatepark. Under 16's must wear a helmet at all times when in the park.

Have fun!

The most important part of being in the skatepark is to have fun and enjoy yourself and it doesn’t matter about how good you are as long as you have fun! The more you practice the better you will be and there is no substitute for practice.