Everest Climb Success!

22 March 2016
On Friday the 18th of March, a team made up of Better Extreme Skate Park and Climb Zone staff, plus a team of our customers started quite a challenge. At 4pm the first ascent of our 7.5 meter walls was undertaken. At around 10.20pm we had climbed the walls 1193 times. That's 8947.5 meters - 99.5 meters higher than Mount Everest.

There was a lot of sweat, a little bit of blood (don't worry it was only the Duty Managers) and some very tired team members. To date we have raised just over £200 for Sport Relief from the event, but with your help this can keep going up. To donate click here!

With the whole centre getting involved over the last few months the Barking Sport House team has beaten its target of £3,299 - but it's such a worth while cause we thought we would keep going!

A special mention goes to ​Ryan Blake and James Bull, who between them, raised over £40 and more impressively climbed around 180 walls each! A fantastic feat considering the next highest climbers were staff who managed just over 100 climbs each.
From the Everest Climb event March 2016