Annual Jam Review

07 June 2016
Sunday the 5th of June saw 45 competitors riding BMX's, Scooters, and Skateboards at Better Extremes 1st Birthday Bash.

Registration started early, as more people began to arrive the competition began.
The first sessions saw the Junior and Sponsored Scooter Rider heats with the Adult BMX heats following soon after. The last groups to qualify were the Junior and Adult Skateboards, and by early afternoon the finals were set.

The Sun was out, the heat was up and the A/C was doing just enough to keep the competitors on their feet throughout the finals. Thanks to our sponsors there were some fantastic prizes up for grabs this ensured the riders were really going for it.

The Junior Scooter competition took place first and was won by Will S; closely followed by Harry B and Charlie M. The Sponsored Scooter competition was won jointly by James H and Malachy V with Reece W grabbing bronze.  

The BMX competition was next and was probably the most spectacular show, with the riders going very big. It was tough for the judges to call but it was decided that Miguel J had taken top spot, with Jack W just edging out our very own Dan T.

The Adult Skateboard competition had been decided earlier as only one heat was needed so the Juniors had the honour of being our last (and biggest) final. All 8 finalists were on fine form but in the end Brinlay M came in second, splitting brothers Callum and Kieran W to 1st and 3rd respectively. Jordan D took first in the adult comp, with Dei S in second and Chris in third.

Rail all the winners from 1st Ann Jam

Special thanks go to all of  our sponsors Altar Skateshop, Survive, DCshoes, Vans, Death Skateboards, Sidewalk, Substance BMX, Sweeperskates, Boarderline, Loven Skate, Vans, Sacrifice, Salad Days Skateboarding and Granite Reef Shop - for supplying the amazing prizes!