Trampoline Park Ratios 

Children aged 18 months – 5 years 1 adult to 1 child
5 - 7 years – 1 adult per 10 children

Before Entry (all courts)

  • You should not wear loose jewellery, studded belts, or anything that could damage the trampoline or hurt another customer.
  • You must wear Better Extreme branded trampoline grip socks - no stockings, tights, or socks without approved grips.
  • You must wear your entrance band at all times. The entrance band must be worn on the wrist.
  • The wristband is colour coded and is only valid for the session for which it is purchased.
  • Remove any loose items from pockets
  • No chewing gum or sweets permitted
  • Do not enter the park under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • We recommend spectacles must not be worn
  • If you are concerned about your health you should see a doctor before taking part
  • It is the responsibility of the individual customer/guardian to assess if they are fit to take part in activity. The primary responsibility rests with the individuals.
  • If you are feeling unwell please let us know immediately

Main Court

  • You should not jump beyond your own abilities – only you can judge your limits
  • Only one person per trampoline at any time
  • No running, no racing and no climbing up the walls.
  • No tricks across pads (from trampoline to trampoline)
  • No sitting down or resting on the court
  • No more than two flips in a row
  • Always follow the instructions of staff
  • No double bouncing
  • Only Better branded sticky socks must be worn within the trampoline hall at all times

Foam Pits

  • Only one person per lane can jump into the foam pit
  • You must land in the foam pit feet first
  • No double flips
  • No head-first entry
  • No back flips or “gainers” (backflips while jumping forward)
  • Do not start your jump until the previous user has exited
  • No “running starts” allowed (you could collide with the rear wall of the pit